If there were an Island Of Misfit Bands, we’d absolutely be on it. We had dreams of being famous and being signed to a big label, but we unintentionally shot ourselves in the foot at seemingly every opportunity. Whether it was pride or circumstance, in the beginning we chose to do it all ourselves. We had no singer, so we elected one. We had no writers, so we started from scratch. We had no money to record an album, so we taught ourselves. We didn’t have an identity, so we created one. First and foremost we’re a Rock and Roll band. It sounds cliche these days, but that’s the only way we can describe what we do. We don’t write our music for anyone but ourselves, and only for our own expression. There is so much territory left unexplored and with every album we put out we feel a new voyage has just begun.

Our live shows are a massive part of why we do this. There’s no better release in this world than putting in every shred of energy and passion you possess into a 35-45 minute set. Our shows are chaotic, reckless, aggressive, emotional, and spontaneous. Not at all how we practice for them, but something snaps when we get onstage, like a Jekyll and Hyde effect. At this point we’ve put out 4 albums (2 EP’s, 2 Full Length) with our most recent one being recorded at Bryan Adams’ Warehouse Studio.

Currently we’re performing in the Vancouver area and writing songs for our next full length album. We have big plans to make it our most original sounding album to date.